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Electrical projects undertaken and completed by Seallum Electrical Ltd

Large Retail Business in Birmingham

Here we highlight an undertaking in Birmingham for a large retail business. This job was a sizeable project encompassing our electrical know how and expertise to meet the needs of the project and surpassing our customers expectations. There were various aspects to this job which highlights possibilities and capabilities that Seallum Electrical Ltd can carry out and undertake.

Initially, we had a Meeting on site with our client to plan and discuss the forthcoming project. Drawings and specifications carried out and agreed. Materials needed for the project delivered to the clients site ready for our first day. Our team then began the stripping out of all the existing electrics and diverting telephones and comms to enable our client to continue trading whilst we undertook the work.

Electrical Projects Stage 1
Stage 1

Beginning the Installation

We start with the installation, preparing the area and putting in all the containment (basket) on the job.

After 3 weeks of long hours and dedication, it’s all up in the offices, covering the two office floors in the building.

Stage 2

First Fix and Wiring

Now we start wiring the new offices, meeting rooms, conference rooms, toilets, corridors and sales offices / areas. Some of our clients requirements have now changed and the job has become a little larger than we had initially anticipated. However, this can happen from time to time once client start to see things coming together and which we make allowances for.

Other trades come and go, carrying out their works in correlation with us, so that we are able to liaise with them to keep the job on track, to schedule and in continuous progression within the correct order of works.

Our first fix is now complete, with metre after metre of data wires for the computers, telephones, wifi, lighting, power, ac and cameras.

Stage 3

Second Fix and Installation

From here we now move onto our second fix. Installing floor boxes, dado trunking, dimmable LED lighting, power supplies for the various aspects of kit needed to run a large and efficient retail business. Consumer units are connected at this stage along with associated switches and sensors.

Everything is all now coming together.

Stage 4

Testing & Job Completion

Now we are finished. All our electrical works have been tested and commissioned on our NICEIC software and ready for customer use.

It is now time to hand over our installation to our client, going through the operation of the workings of sensors, lighting controls, 24 hour supplies, cameras and comms.

Client happy, we’re happy! and on to the next project for Seallum Electrical Ltd.

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